Our Take Charge Boost formula has been especially designed for our Take Charge patients (and may be suitable for patients not on our program), with an optimal schedule of amino acids, essential minerals, and polyphenols. Each Packet contains key amino acids to support the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters involved in appetite control, carbohydrate or fat cravings, and mood. Chromium is present to support healthy glucose metabolism and support food intake regulation. Magnesium is a key component in keeping the kidneys healty during weight loss, helps promote good bowel movements, and supports muscle function. With the addition of Green Tea Extract there is a functional boost to encourage a better metabolism of carboydrates into energy. As a side and equally important benefit of Green Tea, it selectively improves the function of the intestinal bacterial flora. We've carefully formulated our TC boost to Take Charge of your weight management plan, boost appetite control and better gut flora function, while protecting essential organs and cells during the release of toxins that occur through fat metabolism.