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Office Hours:
We will be responding to voicemails, emails and such periodically, we apologize for any delays.  

**Final letter from Zora**

Writing this note to you finds me with my feet in the sand and feeling such immense gratitude for the last 37 years of clinical practice and 22 years in the beautiful community of Woodinville.  It is with wisdom, trusting my knowledge and being in peace that I make the difficult decision to fully retire from clinical practice. This allows me to move forward with opportunities being presented to me to give back on a global scale. I'm also practicing something I have taught all of you in the last 22 years, and that is self care. I'll keep you posted on my journey! 


Another way to keep you posted is through my great friend and colleague Bea Bachenberg --a women's healthcare and family nurse.practitioner--  because we have decided we're going to put together a telehealth series to answer questions about women's health. 
Please stay in touch with us at "Chat with Bea and Z".  
As we develop this program, you'll be given the chance to connect with us, so stay tuned!


I will be back for 2 days May 24, 25, to finish up loose ends, mostly labs, hormones and prescriptions. Please call the office to schedule telehealth appointments. As many of you know, we have looked high and low to find another practitioner to come in and work or purchase the practice, and have not been able to find a suitable replacement to continue the quality of care you have received. 

My last day of practice will be May 25th

After that date do not call the pharmacies for refills, they will not be seen.  

Your medical records will remain available for the next few months. We will still be able to send those to your new health care provider.
I would like to recommend that you follow through with any of those transfers by the end of June, so please call the office for more information and update your record transfers.
The clinic phone is 425 483 1777 -- please leave a message as to your directions. 


For follow up health care I am recommending Seattle rejuvenation medicine center:

Dr. Lucy Hostetter

1220 116th Avenue NE, Suite 102

Bellevue Washington 98004 

425 522 5938 



I leave you now with these words of wisdom from Dr. Don Miquel Ruiz that I strive daily to live by:  

The Four Agreements

  1.  Be impeccable with your word 

  2.  Do not take anything personally 

  3.  Do not make assumptions 

  4.  Always do your best

Sending you off with wishes of love, light, peace and good health,