Farewell Zora

      To my amazing patients who have become like family,


       It is with great excitement and heartache that I am announcing my partial retirement.  After practicing medicine for the better part of 35 years, and more than 20 of those years being right here in Woodinville, it is time for me to move to my next adventure! As of December 1, 2021 I will be retiring from full time practice. It has been my honor to care for you and your families in times of sickness, sadness, joy, and friendship. 

       I am excited to announce that while my next venture may be a change, it will include my experience as a Paramedic, flight nurse, becoming a helicopter pilot and my continued spiritual practice of shamanism, and most definitely my years of medical experience to be continued on through humanitarian leadership. With the support of my amazing staff at Woodinville Women’s Clinic, I will continue to be available to my patients through televisits with a new Electronic Medical Records system.  

       My practice and legacy will continue through Jamie at the medical desk and Jené in reception. They will be keeping the office running smoothly, with the introduction of Ellie who you all will soon consider yet another family member. And just as importantly, I am pleased to introduce my long time friend and colleague, Suzan Watanabe ARNP, at Eastside Women’s Clinic, as the perfect practitioner to hand the torch of your care to. She has been practicing a few years senior to me and I have full trust in her ability to continue caring for you as I have done for many years.  She will be moving her practice to our location here in Woodinville. 

       My last week physically in the clinic will be the week of December 27th, 2021. I will continue to see patients who are currently scheduled and schedule, until that date. 


Love, light and wisdom to all, 


Zora Pesio, ARNP


What's Happening!?!

Woodinville Women's Clinic is getting a fresh update! 

Established patients should expect to see emails coming to your inboxes, which should allow each individual to establish their accounts in our new system and patient portal. Some of this information will be a repeat of what we already know about you, however, filling out your profile and re-establishing your permissions will help us move into the 21st century! 

As with most updates, there may be some slight delays in our usually efficient patient processing as we sort out these new tools. We appreciate your patience with us!

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Here at Woodinville Women’s Clinic WE BELIEVE:  


* …that the foundation of well-being starts with nutrition, supplementation, hydration, and purposeful movement. 

* …in looking at your whole systemic picture body, mind, and spirit. To uncover the roots of dis-ease and illness so we can partner in treating you effectively. 


*…that a single discipline practiced in isolation cannot solve all medical problems. It is by the masterful integration and application of alternative and conventional medicine that health and healing can most effectively be restored and maintained.  


* …that integrating information from laboratory analysis, scientific data and research, multiple treatment options, and the wisdom of time, along with the invitation for miracles and synchronicity, creates outstanding results. 

*… you have the right, after consulting with and hearing from our highly-trained and exceptionally qualified team, to decide on your best course of informed treatment and action because … we believe YOU ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF OUR TEAM.

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The synchronous alchemy of art, science, and miracles are essential for revolutionary well-being.

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with respect and compassion, we partner with women and men to provide integrated, personalized, optimal health care… for life!

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